Many public safety agencies rely on volunteer staff and are not funded to provide them with mobile devices or wireless service plans. About 50% of Utah public safety agencies have volunteers on staff and about 70% of agencies allow personal devices to be used for work purposes, based mobile data survey results from nearly 100 responding agencies during the state plan data collection effort.

Now, AT&T has made FirstNet service available for authorized users under subscriber paid mobile data plans. Volunteers purchasing FirstNet service will be on the same network and have the same features as agency paid users. For volunteers already on personal AT&T wireless plan with an eligible device, a subscriber paid user plan could be a significant benefit – they would receive priority service using the FirstNet network at potentially a lower cost than their current plan.

How Do I Sign Up?

  • Contact Your Agency. A public safety agency must first add eligible users via the Local Control Portal and set their priority level to verify and authorize them for subscriber paid plans.
  • Receive Activation Code. Each authorized user receives two emails, one to validate their personal information, and another with a unique authorization code via email.
  • Sign up In-Store or Online. Users can use their activation code to sign up for FirstNet service either online or at any AT&T retail store, selecting from Subscriber Paid User mobile data plan options. FirstNet service can be activated on an AT&T SIM card, or a FirstNet SIM card.

Contact your FirstNet AT&T representative for more information and pricing plans:

Shae Cook

FirstNet Solutions Consultant

801.556.9271 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.