Public safety agencies preparing for FirstNet adoption have various factors to consider. The Public Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC) developed a checklist to assist agencies preparing to subscribe to FirstNet service.[1] Appendix B of the report lists questions agencies can ask themselves as they prepare for FirstNet adoption. The questions fall under the important areas of:

  • Policies and Procedures
  • Staffing and Requirements
  • Applications, and Application Usage Policies
  • Devices
  • Agency Training
  • Communications and Data Management Policies
  • Interagency Relationships
  • Procurement
  • Funding and Budgeting
  • Inventory and Testing

Review the checklist to prepare your agency for adopting FirstNet:

Public safety agencies have the option of subscribing to FirstNet service as an alternative to commercial service plans. To help agencies compare FirstNet and other carrier public safety service options, the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) has posted a list of Questions to Ask Your Service Provider.

Stay Informed

The UCA and Utah SPOC will continue to support public safety agencies on a range of issues with FirstNet and AT&T that will be critical to success for FirstNet in Utah. These areas include identifying gaps in coverage, developing governance and guidelines for local control and priority, facilitating agreements for data sharing and transitioning systems, and coordinating training. 

To stay current on the latest information about FirstNet service and offerings, some helpful links are listed below. – direct information from FirstNet on latest developments

News Page – an aggregation of new sources about FirstNet

Upcoming Events – participate in upcoming FirstNet-related events


[1] PSAC (2017, July 10). Preparing for Adoption Task Team Final Report. Appendix B: Preparing for Adoption Agency Checklist.